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Give Your Home the Right Royal Treatment this Royal Wedding Month……

We are not going to lie…we can’t help but be a little bit excited in the office about the Royal Wedding, the dress, the guests, the gossip, so many questions about what the big day will be like and it’s a little bit of fun and romance to get us through the working week, what’s not to like about that!

With all this talk about royalty it got us thinking about a royalty themed blog of course! ???? We may not be next in line to throne, but we can certainly make our own home our crowning glory! We’re not talking Buckingham Palace, but a few little tweaks here and there can really go along way in to making your castle fit for a king or queen!

Boiler Services and Gas Appliance checks can really ensure the longevity and efficiency of your home heating systems, not to mention be paramount in ensuring the safety of yourself and your family. We’re pretty sure the queen doesn’t have to book in her own yearly boiler service but we’re certain her boiler is in tip top condition and well maintained.

Did you know that over the course of our lifetime we spend about 1 ½ years in total on the loo! Yes, that even applies to her majesty, can you believe it! Jokes aside, it’s time to fix that dodgy flush, leaking pipe or wonky seat, small repairs don’t cost the earth and shouldn’t be put off, it can save you bigger repair jobs and bills in the future. We are not poker players but with this little tip you can certainly expect a royal flush in your next hand, we are feeling lucky!

If you have a bit of cash to spare for home improvements or are in the middle of a complete renovation project, treat yourself! The possibilities are endless. You may even make her royal highness jealous as well as the neighbours! Underfloor heating for your kitchen, bathroom or conservatory tiled floor that even the queen’s corgis wouldn’t mind walking on. It’s the unexpected luxuries that will make you ask, “why didn’t I get this done years ago” and will change your life forever!

We don’t have any fairy god mother’s here at Interspace, but we do have a professional team who can complete your services, repairs and installations to a regal standard, you can call us to discuss or ask any questions, we are always on hand to give you advice and guidance. In the mean time this weekends weather is looking perfect for a garden party or BBQ. How will you be celebrating?

Congratulations Harry & Meghan 19.05.2018