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First thing’s first…

Ask yourself when planning your bathroom what would you like on your wish list?

  • Maybe a new bath, roll top, acrylic, jacuzzi or contemporary
  • Maybe a new shower / shower enclosure or shower screen
  • What shower would you like, electric or thermostatic shower
  • A new sink and sink housing unit or a his & hers sink unit
  • New taps, automatic, mixer, traditional or contemporary
  • A new toilet with attachments, maybe an auto flush toilet
  • A Towel rail or replacement radiator
  • A De-misting mirror, maybe one with Bluetooth built in
    Tiling walls and floors
  • Lighting, this makes all the difference to the finished look of your bathroom

Now ask yourself…

What is my budget?
The average cost of renovating your bathroom can vary greatly depending on your style & design. Prioritise what you would like most in your bathroom, what are the essentials?

Then look at the style of bathroom you would like…

Do you like the sleek modern minimalistic look or the more traditional classic look? Are you looking for low maintenance or easy use? Is the automatic flusher and taps essential to your design? Remember the more you put in to your design the more it will cost!

When looking at your design it is essential that you remember the overall cost of your bathroom isn’t just the cost of the materials purchased, have you allowed a budget to cover the installation?

Do you have a contingency budget?

You will never know what is going on beneath your current bathroom until it is removed to allow your new renovation.

Possible problems you could encounter are:

  • Additional pipework’s may be required
  • You may have to plaster your wall if the current tiles do not come away easily
  • Extra electrical works may be required to meet current safety standards
  • If your current bath is removed there may be damp issues

These are all issues that can be resolved easily but you must think about these possibilities before starting any renovations.

The most important thing in designing your bathroom is your budget. Once you know what your budget is and what styles you like we can talk you through the process to get the best results for your home within your budget.

You can still have your dream bathroom with a few tweaks here and there.