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Ahhhhh, alas, the start of a New Year! A time of looking forward at the year ahead and making changes or starting those home improvement projects that there was just not enough time to do in the last few months of 2017.

There is something quite inspiring about being at the beginning, a blank canvas to put your stamp on. Have you been thinking about squeezing in a bath that had previously been sacrificed for a shower and more space? You would be surprised at what you can fit into even the smallest of bathrooms with the different shape options and styles of baths now available at prices to suit every budget. We can help if you require some design inspiration or room planning.

Shine a Light…….
Dim lighting in bathrooms can be frustrating and impractical. The bathroom is usually already one of the darker rooms in the house due to small windows or complete lack thereof. Let’s brighten it up! A fresh lick of paint in a lighter colour can make all the difference, a sparkly new suite or the addition of mirrors with back lighting can really add to the WOW factor. If the budget will stretch, new LED lighting and floor to ceiling tiling can transform the space completely.

Take the stress out of the morning rush…….
Quite simply, a double sink can and will change your life! Sharing a bathroom with your other half or children has never been so easy! Most people consider this a luxury and not an option for the average home. Actually, a double sink is a relatively simple and affordable way to increase the feeling of space and efficiency in the family bathroom. A tooth brushing, and face washing production line is surely a thing of beauty for the modern family! Again, the options are endless, floating sinks for the airy minimalist look or larger under sink cupboards for the much-needed extra storage, the decision is yours.

Where do I start……….
From start to finish the complete refit of the average homes bathroom takes just 10-14 days. Any simpler additions can take just a few days and the transformation can be remarkable. We can help at every step of the way, from first thoughts to completion, and are happy to have as little or as much input as you require. We are just a phone call away, to book your free no obligation quote visit call 01782 950 980 and our expert team will be ready to start the journey with you! Here’s to 2018!