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Love is in the air, it will soon be the most romantic day of the year and what better way to celebrate than at home with the one you love. You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant, stay over in a posh hotel or buy extravagant presents to mark the occasion, sometimes the most romantic gestures can be achieved through a little bit of planning and some inspiration…. here’s some tips on how to make the most of your home and enjoy the best Valentine’s Day yet in the comfort of your own surroundings……

    Warmth – Create a cosy haven, make sure the heating is turned up and working well, a simple boiler service can ensure you always get the best performance out of your heating system when you need it most, especially as February is expected to be a cold and snowy month, brrrrrrrrr. Don’t despair, the cold outside will make the warmth inside all the more romantic.

    Relight your fire! – Gas fires or log burners, fire them up! What’s not to like about the warm glow of a flame. Dim the lights and snuggle down, staying in can also mean you get to wear your pj’s or onesie whilst eating dinner if you choose. Alternatively, you can still pull out all the stops and go for glamour, staying in is definitely the new going out!

    A spa in your bathroom – Create the tranquillity of a spa in your own bathroom. Light some candles, buy some new toiletries and play some soothing music. Escape the daily stresses without breaking the bank. Or if you are willing to splash the cash to see you through this Valentines Day and beyond, go on, treat yourself to that jacuzzi bath you have always fancied and enjoy the bubbles whenever you like! Remember, a jacuzzi bath is for life not just for Valentines day!

    Hungry for love – One-word FOOD. If you are like me and like food, Valentine’s Day is definitely one for you. A perfect excuse to cook your favourite things. Bring out your inner Heston Blumenthal and go for a Michelin star styled, several course taster menu or spice it up with a “little bit of everything you like” tapas themed taste extravaganza. The possibilities are endless when you’re cooking in your own kitchen. Decadent or comforting, you decide, and nobody will judge if you lick the plate clean after that chocolate melt in the middle pudding from the meal deal you bought, just because you didn’t want to slave away at the stove all evening. After all, that bubble bath has your name written all over it and won’t stay warm forever!

However you choose to spend your Valentines day and whether spending it alone or with loved ones, make sure you are kind to yourself and each other. Valentines day comes just once a year and although a commercial holiday we can’t argue with the fact that ultimately it serves as a reminder to celebrate LOVE and let’s face it we all need a little bit of that in our lives!